Commission Information

All commissions require a 50% down payment before work will begin.  I prefer to use my own photos for your painting. Please contact me to book a photo session. I am able to get photos from the track or the farm. There are certain times that I am at Keeneland or Churchill and can get several horses while I am working. For traveling purposes, there is a travel charge of $35.00 per hour. For further distances please contact me. Depending on the cooperation of the animal and how prepared you are with the setup, it may take as little as 30 minutes.  Photos of different animals can be combined in one painting.

It may or may not be possible to work from your photos. If you provide the photographs, you MUST meet these requirements for use. If they are not of this quality, I may not be able to proceed with the painting.   

*Photos that have been taken by a professional or other photographer must have permission from the photographer to use the photograph. You are responsible for all licensing fees that may be asked for by the photographer.  

*Photographs to be used must be focused, close up for detail , perfectly exposed and of professional color and quality. They must also be distortion free.

*Horses must be clean and preferably short coated. For conformation paintings the horse must be standing and lighted the way you would like them to be in the painting.

*Dogs must be clean and groomed, unless the painting is to be of the dog in action or in the field. Try to have the pose and lighting you would like in the painting.

*For dogs or small animals, shoot at eye level.

*Try to send as many photos of the subject as possible, showing coloring, personality, etc. This will show as many sides of the animal as possible and help me get insight to the animal’s personality. 

*Photos taken for portraits are better at an angle than from the front or side.  

  There are changes that can be made to the photographs to be shown in the final painting. Things such as fixing a halter or mane, different equipment, etc are possible, just let me know and we can discuss what is able to be done.

I understand that for deceased animals, it may not be possible to have an ideal photo, but if there are several photos, we may find something to work with.

Digital photos may be emailed or mailed to me on CD. In doing this please realize that once the image is printed out, color and lightness may not be 100% accurate. File size needs to be large so that there is no distortion and details may be seen. Please indicate which photograph you would like used for the painting and any other details that have to do with any other photo, such as equipment, color, etc. PLEASE make sure that photographs are of the best quality to provide the highest quality painting.

Commissions are done in the order that they are received. Therefore please realize that there may be a waiting time to have yours finished. In order to secure your place, you may pay your deposit and you will be the next in line!

All prices are quidelines only and do not include photography or framing.

Rickelle Nelson retains full copyright to all artwork produced by the artist. Printing or reproducing a commission or any artwork in any way is completely prohibited without the expressed consent of the artist. Purchase of artwork, prints, and photography does not transfer copyright to the buyer, and the artist may use any purchased work for prints, cards, display materials, etc. Artwork is protected under International Copyright laws.




Above is a conformation or racing painting done with a plain background.  The painting of Street Sense is a  conformation painting with a plain background and objects added.



Above is a portrait painted with a plain background.  The painting of Unbridled is a portrait.




These are quick studies that are similar to the drawings that I do before making a finished painting. They are available in one color. The hound above is a study.


Prices and sizes are available upon request.  Prices available for backgrounds, full scenes, and additional animals. Discounts are available for multiple orders!!!




All works on this website are protected by International Copyright Laws by artist Rickelle Nelson.